It's an axiom universally acknowledged that a film based on a book must always be of a lesser standard than its source material. Any announcement that a film based on a beloved novel is to be produced is usually met with derision and assertions that it will never be as good as the book. But is this really always the case?

The title may riff on one of Charles Dickens' most famous novels, but like some of the expectations of that tale, some of the films featured on this blog will decidedly not be all that great. When I speak of 'Great Adaptations,' I mean content rather than quality. It's about the point at which book and film collide and everything that happens as a result. It might be on the more serious, academic side or it maybe a little goofy. So if that sounds like your particular cup of tea, join me on my odyssey. I've a fair bit to get through.

- Becky